Net-Zero Carbon Report of Universitas Airlangga

We are acutely aware that our path to achieving Net Carbon Zero status will be no small undertaking, given the considerable yet intricate challenges that demand diligent effort, collaboration, and unwavering dedication from the entire Universitas Airlangga community. However, we are confident that we can surmount these obstacles with genuine sincerity and enthusiastic eagerness. We are firmly committed to facing each challenge with bold courage and relentless determination, steadfastly striving towards sustainable success.

We aim to delineate the objectives and scope of the “UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NET-ZERO CARBON” program. Our primary aim is to achieve Net Carbon Zero through practical and sustainable measures. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and devising strategies to offset any remaining emissions through effective carbon sequestration practices. Additionally, we seek to enhance awareness and engagement among the academic community at Universitas Airlangga regarding sustainability issues. Furthermore, we aim to bolster partnerships with external stakeholders who share our commitment to environmental protection.

To actualize the Net Carbon Zero goal, we will identify critical areas where emissions can be reduced and sustainable practices implemented. Subsequently, we will develop a detailed and measurable action plan comprising concrete steps to enhance energy efficiency, minimize waste, encourage sustainable mobility, and adopt responsible resource management practices. This action plan aims to make significant progress within the specified timeframe, paving the way for greater sustainability for Universitas Airlangga and the surrounding communities.

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Report: Net-Zero Carbon Report
Policy: Net-Zero Carbon Policy

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